Social media

Let's make it sell for you.

Social media’s the most prevalent it’s ever been in the business world, but the landscape’s also constantly changing.


If you’re not optimising it – or even on it – there’s no doubt you’re missing out.

It’s estimated Facebook alone has two billion active users every month. Instagram boasts one billion, Twitter 328 million, and LinkedIn 106 million. The benefit for you? A plethora of prospects to target.


Social profiles aren’t just used for sharing nonsensical memes and snooping on an ex-partner’s activity either. According to research, 37% of users cite social platforms as a source for purchase inspiration - which trumps every other medium.


But, from knowing what to shout about, how to craft a catchy post and when to publish it, there’s a lot to get right before you can profitise your profiles. If you don’t know where to start, then don’t worry – I can help.


Whether it’s to build brand awareness, engage with existing customers, target new business or all of the above, I can support you by strategically planning and putting together your posts. Then, all that’s left for you to do is hit send.


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