Benchmarking digital brilliance.

The brand

Digital is Rubitek's domain. Their smart solutions support businesses – big and small – by enabling them to squeeze every penny out of their applications and teams, optimise their online experiences, and boost that all-important bottom line. 

The brief

During my time with Rubitek, I was tasked with taking hold of and steering their entire content strategy. I began my reign by giving their website a complete refresh - both copy and design-wise - to strip back and simplify their services, bring their benefits to the fore, and give their presence a more modern feel. 

In conjunction with and after this, I brought their tender templates, offline sales collateral and social media profiles in-line with their new tone of voice and branding, planned and executed their email and content marketing strategy, and monitored each area's performance.

The work​


Bryony has been a huge asset to Rubitek. With just a handful of words she's able to go off and construct the exact end product I was after, and her writing abilities are second to none. She steered our entire website re-do with everything from the content to liaising with the web design agency, and I was delighted with the final result. Whether she's writing social posts, technical articles, product collateral or an entire website, without fail, she always produces a thoroughly accurate and engaging read, and I couldn't recommend her more highly.


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