Product descriptions

Don't fall at the final hurdle.

You’ve caught customers’ attention, you’ve got them on your website, you’ve piqued their interest and they’ve returned a handful of times - you’re well and truly on their radar. 


So, why aren’t your conversion ratios higher?


Product descriptions are what give customers a polite prod over the sales line. If your pitch isn’t tickety-boo, how can you expect people to part with their money?


According to research, a whopping 98% of consumers have stopped in their online shopping tracks because of incomplete or inaccurate product content. And, when it comes to what they’re looking for, the pecking order goes a bit like this:


  • Product specifications - 76%

  • Reviews - 71%

  • Images - 66%

  • Sales information - 38%

  • FAQs - 28%

  • Videos - 13%


So, if your product or service conversions are concerning you, perhaps it’s time to take another look at your pitch.


Whether it’s a monthly magazine subscription or a bedside table, a bank account or a travel itinerary, let’s get your visitors racing to their checkout basket - instead of your competitor’s site.


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