• Bryony Pearce

75 post ideas for instagram

Are you lacking imagination for your next Instagram post? Everyone’s creative cogs stop turning every now and then, but fear not, I’ve put my creativity to the test by coming up with 75 post ideas to help you through your next social media block.

1. Lighten the mood with a meme 2. Pull out a quote from a happy client 3. Post a picture of your products 4. Film a demo of how to use your product or service 5. Publish pictures of customers using your product or service 6. Shout about any competitions you’re running 7. Put your own spin on a big event - like the Super Bowl 8. Re-post stuff your followers tag you in 9. Push out any promotions 10. Create some motivational quotes 11. Celebrate any business milestones 12. Tell people about any job vacancies you’ve got 13. Share team bios 14. Share your team members' favourite product 15. Let people see what goes on behind the scenes 16. Tease people with new product launches 17. Wish everyone a good weekend 18. Remind your audience of your contact details so they can share any questions/concerns 19. Promote employee recommendations 20. Create an event reminder - if you’re hosting any 21. Shout about any charity work you do 22. Promote local charity events 23. Have fun with your brand 24. Show alternative uses for your products 25. Ask questions to gauge your audience's interest in a topic 26. Share your industry knowledge 27. Ask for feedback 28. Tell the story behind your brand 29. Point people to new content on your site 30. Shout about any awards you’ve won 31. Raise money for charity 32. Consider interviews with industry experts 33. Set a challenge for people to get involved with 34. Remind people when the clocks change 35. Remind people of your unique selling points 36. Share some New Year’s Resolutions 37. Post live pictures and videos from events 38. Share relevant news stories 39. Visualise an inspirational, well-known quote 40. Film a video that will make people laugh 41. Get an influencer to endorse you 42. Latch onto a trending hashtag 43. Let people know what a day in the life at your business is like 44. Publish statistics around your product or service 45. Share any positive press coverage you receive 46. Get involved with topical trends (think ice bucket challenge) 47. Think of something crazy that could go viral 48. Reach out to a celebrity and see if they’ll engage with you 49. Show before and after transformations 50. Thank your customers for their loyalty 51. Congratulate customers, clients or partners for their own successes 52. Point people to key pages of your website 53. Share a fun fact 54. Create a collage to show a timeline of events 55. Run a quiz 56. Feature products that are on sale 57. Make a business announcement 58. Hook onto random awareness days - like International Day of Happiness 59. Play an April Fool’s Day prank 60. Show people what life would be like without your product or service 61. Sell your product in a 20 second video 62. Be vulnerable: share a challenge your business has 63. Set up a user-generated content competition 64. Post a picture of the person in control of your Instagram so people can put a face to a name 65. Share a #throwbackthursday 66. Invite people to follow your other social media channels 67. Run a Christmas-themed giveaway 68. Schedule a ‘Merry Christmas’ post for on the day 69. Remind people of your business hours 70. Share your company’s culture 71. Start your own unique weekly series, like #whatifwednesday 72. Ask people to leave you a review (and tell them where they can do it) 73. Share styling tips 74. Start a countdown to a key date/event 75. Share someone else’s content that’ll be valuable to your audience - but make sure it’s not someone who can take business away from you! This post was originally written for Hue & Tone.