All your burning questions answered.

How long will it take for the work to be done?


It depends entirely on what the project is and what the rest of my workload looks like. If it’s a single 1,000-word blog you’re after probably around half a day, if it’s a whole website re-write you’re looking at more like two to three days. It really does just depend.


If you’ve got a big project and a tight deadline just let me know the deets and I’ll usually be able to shift some things around to fit it in on time.


Do you write free samples?


Nice try, but no. The same way your local plumber wouldn’t come in and fix one pipe for free before doing the rest, I don’t give words away willy nilly before you decide to brief in paid work.


That said, I do get you want a bit of reassurance before teaming up, which is why I’ve got a portfolio packed with samples and pages upon pages of recommendations from happy clients.


Who will own the copyright of the work you do for me?


100% you. Once I’ve passed it over it’s all yours and you don’t even have to credit me as the author.


What’s your writing style?


My style’s kinda fluid and as a copywriter, it has to be. When I write for myself it’s super informal and conversational and I’ll squeeze a good pun in if I can. When I write for my clients though, I tailor my style to their tone of voice so what I write blends in with the rest of their work.


What copywriting services do you offer?


All sorts. Although blogs, website re-writes, social media posts, whitepapers and emails make up the majority of what I do, I do my fair share of product descriptions, press releases and scripts too.


You’ll notice I didn’t mention SEO there, that’s because I incorporate it into any website copy I create.


If you want to read about each in a bit more detail just head on over to my services section here.


What’s your lead time?


In an ideal world, between two to three weeks...but I’ve lost count of the number of clients who respond with “yesterday”! I’ll always, always endeavour to meet a short deadline but the more notice you give me the less grey hairs I’ll get.


How do I know you’re the one for me?


If these riveting FAQs haven’t sold you I don’t know what will. Joking. Kind of. It’s hard to know you’ve found the right copywriter until you’ve worked with them and I get that, but hopefully my past and current clients and work samples speak for themselves. 


How much will my copy cost?


It’s impossible to answer without knowing what your brief is, but I’ll always give you a quote before I start the work so we’re heading into it with both eyes wide open. If you want a quote for something specific just drop me a line on hello@keyholecontent.com


Do you have a niche?


Nope, and that’s just the way I like it. I love the variety of hopping from industry-to-industry and it keeps me on my toes. In the morning I could be writing a blog about weekend getaways and by the afternoon I might’ve moved onto an email promoting a GDPR webinar. Love. It.


Worried I won’t have built up knowledge in your exact arena? Don’t. I took on clients who specialise in digital transformation (with literally no background or understanding of it) years ago and they’re still a client today. I do my research and I deliver. 


I can’t afford a copywriter just yet, what should I do?


Don’t worry, I’m not about to start trying to twist your arm and telling you you’ll get a great return on your money. The next best thing you can do is head over to my blog and fill yourself up on tips you can apply to your own writing.


Do you offer a discount for charities?


I sure do. If you’re a charity and need help with any type of content let’s chat.

Oh shucks, did I leave something unanswered? Hopefully you’ll find what you need here.

How do I brief you in?

However you want really. If you’ve got a good idea of what you’re after just ping me an email on hello@keyholecontent.com, and if you’re not too sure give me a call and we can throw some ideas around.

How does your pricing work?


I charge either per project or by day. I used to charge per word but I’ve moved away from that sort of pricing structure because it doesn’t get the best result for either of us. For starters, it doesn’t factor in things like research, proofreading and amends, and secondly, the number of words used doesn’t necessarily take more or less time or add greater or lesser value.

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