Engagement's key. Conversion's paramount.

Emails make up a huge chunk of most businesses’ marketing efforts. And, with   61% of consumers  saying they’d prefer a brand to contact them this way, it’s perhaps no surprise.


Here’s a fact for you. Did you know that, on average, emails generate an ROI of 3,200%? Which is three times higher than that of social media? Not numbers to snub your nose at, huh.


Your email success hangs on a number of factors though, like the:


  • Catchiness of your subject line

  • Power of your intro

  • Structure of your body copy

  • Relevance and articulation of your message

  • Strength of your CTAs.


From welcome emails, promotional pitches and newsletters to event invites, renewal reminders and service updates, the email opportunities are almost endless. So, the only question left to ask now, is could your business be missing out?


If it’s a yes and you need a hand with any or all of your email components, drop me a line and let’s chat through what you need and how I can help.


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